Keiko – Okayama, Japan


Speaks: Japanese, English, a little Czech, very little Dutch (was thinking of moving to the Netherlands and some words were familiar because of historic influence)

Is practicing: Czech and Dutch – wants to be able to speak 5 languages

Area of work: Teacher of Japanese and teacher of English for Japanese students. Part-time musician: Keiko sings and plays the guitar.

Why attend SpeakEasy: At the beginning of SpeakEasy, 3 years ago, she was struggling to practice Czech and one of her friends brought her to SpeakEasy. Since, she has recommended it to a lot of people and really appreciates Vojtech for organizing it each week.

Tips on how to learn a language: First learn some phrases: greetings, numbers, travel phrases. Then start with the basic structure – without this you will not be able to understand a language. After this, it is important to focus on what you like: choose a topic you are interested in and read and watch videos in the language you want to learn.

Personal: Musician at Cúpla Focal, which mainly plays Irish, good-old country songs. When she performs solo, she plays blues, jazz, or country.



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