Mimi – Chicago, USA


Speaks: Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Russian, Turkish, English (she moved 13 times)

Is practicing: French, Italian, German, Czech, Russian

Work: Student of foreign languages studying French and German. Mimi was an exchange student in Prague (and comes back to visit once in a while). She has one semester of study left in Minneapolis.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Speakeasy is the reason she came to Prague. She was thinking of going to Paris or the south of France, but seeing that Speakeasy was active in Prague, this pushed her decision into coming to Prague.

Tips on how to learn a language: Mimi was lucky in being able to start young -she started with baby Latin at the age of 10 and continued with Spanish, and after French and Italian in high school at the same time. Her secret is to put in time. Use online language learning apps like memrise, duo-lingo and self-teach books.

Personal: Mimi is into webdesign and creating paper notebooks. Also, she writes novels.


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