Edwar – Galilee, Israël


Speaks: Arabic, Hebrew, English, German, French, Russian, Czech, Turkish, a little Polish

Is practicing: Czech, Polish, French, and helping with Hebrew and Arabic

Work: Studying Central Eastern European history and writing his Master´s thesis on The Czechoslovak uranium export to the Soviet Union 1945-1953. His M.A. in Jerusalem was on Palestian Christians and Christian Zionism. He wants to do his PhD. dissertation in Jerusalem on Arab Christian leaders in the movement of Arab nationals and Palestian Liberation organizations 1950-2000.

Why attend SpeakEasy: SpeakEasy gives you the opportunity to meet people who are like you: who speak multiple languages and want to learn your language. It is the only polyglot club in Prague. Also, the people who come are in similar age groups.

Tips on how to learn a language: Edwar uses the Michelle Thomas method and the Goldlist method.

Personal: Edwar enjoys reading, writing for his research, traveling around Europe, and summer schools for travel and learning languages.


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