Matthias – Hamburg, Germany


Speaks: German, English, a little Czech

Is practicing: … not so much. He helps more with German and comes to SpeakEasy to socialize. Sometimes, he practices English or Czech.

Work: Salesmanager for wooden kitchen worktops for the German market. The company´s customer service and logistics is based in the Czech Republic.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Matthias joined 2 years ago, when he moved to Prague. It´s a good place to socialize, and meet open-minded people from all over the world. Also there is a nice atmophere, where everyone wants to talk, so it´s easy to chat and practice your languages.

Tips on how to learn a language: Matthias is not great at learning new languages, he says. He often spends time at the German table – he knows that it can be hard to train a foreign langauge, so he tries to help. For him learning a language is a mix of grammer, learning vocabulary, and speaking, of which the practice is the most important part.

Personal: As a hobby photographer, Matthias has his own site on Facebook. He started that page showing photos of his trips. Matthias will have his first exhibition in Galerie Barrandov in April, showing a photo selection summarized as ´Reflections.´ In the future, he would like to do more people photography, for example, showing people at their favorite places in Prague. Matthias likes movies and tv series. He used to write for an online magazine and a German newspaper. With his move to Prague he stopped writing reviews. He further likes football, German Bundesliga on the screen and sometimes he also visits games in Prague. He also likes outdoor sports, so he is more active in the spring and summer, playing sports like tennis and basketball.



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