Zdenka – Prague, Czech Republic


Speaks: Czech, English, Spanish, German

Is practicing: German and Spanish

Work: Assistant for development company

Why attend SpeakEasy: It is a pleasant environment with young people. Also, it is possible to practice more than one language at once. Everyone is friendly, which makes the event stress-free and helps with motivation, as everyone wants to practice speaking. Zdenka loves traveling and enjoys talking about this with others at SpeakEasy.

Tips on how to learn a language: Being in the environment. Listing to the radio, and watching films in the language you want to learn. A good idea is to find foreigners to do a one-on-one language exchange and study the grammar by yourself. And, of course: travel! This allows you to use the language in real situations. Last, but not least: don’t be afraid.

Personal: Zdenka loves to travel and cook. The incentive is to try new things. Her last focus was on Vietnamese cuisine. She also loves skiing and snowboarding.


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