Mart – Hasselt, Belgium


Speaks: Dutch, English, French, Italian

Is practicing: Italian, also interested in French (but the table was full)

Work: Outsourced HR consultant providing services to international companies

Why attend SpeakEasy: It is especially nice to be able to practice Italian, and the social atmosphere is a good motivation to practice. You get get to know others quickly, as it is informal, and even though you are chatting with people you don’t know, it conversations can be quite personal. The informal atmosphere also helps you to overcome any barriers to speak, because you can practice, even if you are not good at the language.

Tips on how to learn a language: The easiest way to learn is to do, not to study. Learn by practicing and learn to think in the language – avoid translating in your head! You can also learn by going to these kinds of events, listening to others speak and copy their structures. Mart looks at grammar, but for her, the standard way of studying does not work. She learns by copying.

Personal: Mart has been in Prague for only 6 months, so she enjoys exploring the city of Prague. She also likes to read and crochet (sort of similar to nitting).


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