Honza – Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic


Speaks: Czech, Slovak, English, basic French and a little German

Is practicing: English and social skills

Work: Psychologist at elementary school, English teacher and seasonal guide (Prague, Karlštejn, Kutná Hora, Terezín, Český Krumlov).

Why attend SpeakEasy: Initially came to SpeakEasy to raise his English level from C1 to C2, as his English teacher advised him to attend SpeakEasy to improve his level. However, as most attendants turned out to be non-native English speakers, he started coming to socialize instead, and make new friends. He thinks it is great for meeting different kinds of people and learn about their culture as well 🙂

Tips on how to learn a language: Honza learned English by listening to the Beatles. In the Communist era there were not many opportunities to listen to English music. His mom bought a Beatles album in Bulgaria and he listened and memorized all the songs. After this, it was easy for him to learn English. He recommends listening to his own students as well: radio podcasts, books with audio CDs, films, etc.

Personal: Honza likes learning languages, mainly English and French, playing guitar, singing, reading, and meeting new people.


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