Medina- Kosovska Kamenica, Kosovo


Speaks: Czech, English, German, a little Albanian (both her parents are Kosovo Albanian. Medina was born in Kosovo and moved to the Czech Republic when she was 2 years old)

Is practicing: English and German

Work: Medina recently quit her job and is now looking for an au-pair position in the UK. She used to work at a PR-recruiting agency.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Medina comes here to practice. Listening is nice, but you also need practice – it is the best way to learn. SpeakEasy is great for real-life conversations, which is not praciticed at schools, and it helps overcome shyness to start speaking.

Tips on how to learn a language: Watch films (with subtitles) and come to SpeakEasy! Also good ideas are translating songs and reading books. She used to practice her check with Interpals .

Personal: Medina likes yoga, personal interaction, leaning new things, languages, and loves to travel. She would like to visit all countries.


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