Petr – České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Petr final

Speaks: Czech, English, Italian, German

Is practicing: Italian, sometimes English, or helps others with Czech

Work: Nuclear Physicist (does calculations using models of nuclear structure to describe what is happening in the atom nuclei). A link to his work at Charles’ University.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Petr first attended through a friend’s recommendation of the event. For him, it’s the perfect possibility to improve his Italian in Prague in a great atmosphere. People should come here and experience this atmosphere – there are a lot of different people and there is always an interesting topic to discuss.

Tips on how to learn a language: Use the language! Don’t care too much about grammar, because you learn by doing – which means, practicing! When you come across a problem – then look at the grammar to understand it.

Personal: Petr is into tourism, traveling, and sports like badminton, hiking, cycling, and swimming. He also enjoys watching all kinds of films – everything except the action genre.


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