Adrien – Paris, France


Speaks: French, English, Spanish, Czech, a bit of Russian and basic Italian

Is practicing: Helps others with French, practices Russian and Italian when he has time

Work: IT engineer

Why attend SpeakEasy: SpeakEasy is the biggest language exchange event in Prague. It is great that it’s on a Sunday and that if you are active (helping others as a native speaker) you don’t have to pay. It is interesting to meet people from all over and hear their accents. SpeakEasy is a nice place to make friends.

Tips on how to learn a language: Determine how you learn. Everyone has a different learning strategy (or strategies), for example: through listening, reading, or writing (auditive, visual, kinesthetic -through movement, etc). Try different methods and find out what fits you best. For Adrien it is talking, interacting, and movement – connecting sounds and image (movement), that works best.

Personal: Adrien likes to learn new languages and technologies. He enjoys traveling and is interested in politics and history.


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