Jessie- Daegu, South Korea

Speaks: Korean, English and Japanese fluently, is studying German and speaks some Mandarin Chinese. Chinese, Japanese and Korean are connected in that originally Japanese and Korean used Chinese characters. An important difference is that Chinese characters express meaning, and Korean and Japanese express sound. So even though the characters used were the same, it is not automatic to understand the meaning. Today, Korean uses their own characters, while Japanese still uses much of the Chinese characters.

Is practicing: Japanese, German, Mandarin

Work: Jessie majored in classical piano in high school. She then moved to Germany and worked as an English teacher for Koreans, went back to Korea to do some modeling and acting. In Prague, she started marketing at the VŠFS, but stopped her studies as she is going to Germany to work as an intern (Ausbildung) for Lufthansa.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Speakeasy is the biggest and most friendly language exchange in Prague. Jessie has attended many language exchanges as she basically visits one wherever she goes. She was supposed to stay in Prague longer, so was also looking for a place to make friends.

Tips on how to learn a language: It is good to be talented when it comes to languages, but very important is to have the drive to learn. You also should spend time to find the right learning method for you, as there are many options. It is important to be curious – when you see a word you don’t know in the street, look it up and find out the meaning. Watch films or series with subtitles and pause to write down what you listened to and look up the meaning. Also, make sure you are learning the language from another language that provides enough explanation. For example, if you study Japanese, Korean has better translations than English, since there are some expressions that cannot be translated to English, but in Korean they have pretty much the same meaning.

Personal: Jessie played the piano for over 10 years and loves it. Everywhere she sees a piano, she will play it if she can. She also likes to listen to classical music with piano in it.


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