Musa – Adana, Turkey  


Speaks: Turkish, English, and is learning Czech

Is practicing: English and Czech

Work: Musa is doing an Erasmus internship (webdevelopment, SEO expertise, social media and marketing). He is studying Management and Information Systems.

Why attend SpeakEasy: SpeakEasy is great because of Vojtech. It is a good opportunity to meet very diverse people. Everyone is in the mindset of practicing language and getting to know other people. A nice place to meet locals and get to know local culture.

Tips on how to learn a language: A really important thing is to love the new language you are trying to learn. You will need a lot of motivation to learn, and if you don’t love the language it is likely you will give up. Musa recommends listening to basic communication every day (real life conversations, radio podcasts). He writes down new vocabulary several times to memorize it fully.

Personal: Musa is involved in a project in Turkey to show the opportunities to study in Europe. He works together with Erasmus, AISEC, and ESN. He provides people in Turkey with information and overviews. He is also into photography and produced a Day/Night shoot in Istanbul. He was a speaker at the Turkish TED talk.   


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