Astrid – Sicily, Italy


Speaks: Italian, Sicilian (it is called a dialect, but it is actually another language), English, German, and is learning Spanish.

Is practicing: Mostly German and Spanish, sometimes helps out with Italian.

Work: Astrid has been an English and Italian teacher in Prague, but is changing her career to work in HR.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Speakeasy offers the possibility to speak a lot of languages. Usually language exchanges offer the possibility of only one language. It is also good for meeting new people, like when you move to Prague and don’t have a lot of Czech friends yet.

Tips on how to learn a language: Watch a lot of films in the original language – if you are a beginner, watch with subtitles, if you are intermediate, you should not use subtitles, as it will motivate you to listen more intently. Watching films is great for your listening skills and will also help you with learning sayings and slang, which you will not find as part of standard learning materials in books. Don’t be afraid to talk and make mistakes – no one really cares about that.

Personal: Astrid blogs about Czechs (in Italian).  She loves traveling, reading, speaking different languages and cooking Italian food.


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