Martin – Prague, Czech Republic


Speaks: Czech, English, German

Is practicing: came to practice German, as he wanted to retain and improve his high school level and meet native and non-native German speakers. He also helps with Czech and sometimes sits at the English table. Recently, he has started helping at the registration desk, which he really enjoys as he gets to meet everyone.

Work: Studies Transportation Sciences at ČVUT and is currently in his first year.

Why attend SpeakEasy: Improve your language skills and meet new people. Coming to Speakeasy really improved Martin´s German and is a fun place to be, where you can make new friends.

Tips on how to learn a language: Start with vocabulary and listen to the radio (news in general) For German: the Deutsche Welle website, as this website provides simple news items for beginners as well as more advanced for intermediates. Also, the series on the website are a great source of learning. Memrise is also good for vocabulary.

Personal: Martin is a fool for transportation, and a trainiac (railway enthusiast). He loves everything to do with transportation, mainly public city transport like train, bus, metro, and tram.  He would like to drive a city bus.


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