Mila – Tübingen, Germany


Speaks: German, Spanish, Chinese, English, Latin and ancient Greek (Mila is half Chinese, half Spanish and was born in Germany)

Is practicing: Spanish and Chinese

Work: Mila works as a recruiter for SAP

Why attend SpeakEasy: Mila´s colleague attended SpeakEasy and after seeing it featured on Facebook, she decided to come. It is nice to be able to practice multiple languages in one day and a good place to meet locals, as well as expats.

Tips on how to learn a language: When you get to a certain level, practice as much as possible. It is very helpful to spend a lot of time with native speakers, and relationships help a lot to learn.

Personal: Mila likes living in other countries, and has an Instagram travel account. So far, she has lived in Germany, Australia for half a year, China for one year, the USA for half a year, and now the Czech Republic for one year. Next countries on her list are South America and Japan.


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