Radek – Kroměříž, Czech Republic


Speaks: Czech, English, Spanish, Greek (Radek lived in Athens, Greece)

Is practicing: Spanish, and used to go to SpeakEasy for Greek

Work: Radek studied Regional Economic Development in Brno, and worked for SAP for one year in data management. He decided to give his career a new impulse and started learning coding and web development through self-study in the evening. He now works as a web developer and is starting a new job at E-bay.

Why attend SpeakEasy: It provides a good opportunity to practice languages with native speakers and is also a social event. The live interaction with people beats learning at home.

Tips on how to learn a language: For Radek, it is important to talk from the beginning. He has been coming to the Spanish table from February/March and his advice includes to use even the few words or sentences you know, to allow them to enter your long-term memory. Practice all you know.

Personal: Radek has his own website on web development . He likes living in other countries, getting to know the culture and learning the language. He has spent three years abroad (in England, the USA, on Cyprus, in Greece and short exchanges in Africa and Austria). 


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