Veronika – Prague, Czech Republic


Speaks: Czech, English

Is practicing: English

Work: Currently looking for a job, as Veronika has just come back from a two-year stay abroad: one year in Australia and one in New Zealand. She is looking for a job in an international company: in sales or accounting.

Why attend SpeakEasy: This was the first time Veronika attended SpeakEasy. She enjoyed the pleasant environment and the mix of nationalities. She is happy to have met native English speakers, from both England and the USA.

Tips on how to learn a language:  Go abroad! 😊 Like many in school, Veronika studied English for 10 years, but didn’t speak. She left on her trip, as she needs to listen and speak to really learn. For learning, it is important to enjoy using the language actively, whether working or traveling, taking courses or going to language exchanges.

Personal: Veronika loves traveling, reading travel blogs, or other type of travel forums and used to have her own travel blog for keeping in touch with friends and family. She further enjoys step aerobics, biking, skiing and yoga.  


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