Lorenzo – Milan area, Italy 


Speaks: Italian, English, Czech, a little German, and is starting to learn Russian for fun

Is practicing: Lorenzo is usually at the Czech table, sometimes helps with Italian, and may try the Russian table sooner or later.

Work: Technical support for a translation company

Why attend SpeakEasy: SpeakEasy offers a relaxed and easy-going environment and you can try your hand at speaking different languages. It is good occasion to go out on a Sunday, when most are recuperating from the weekend. Apart from learning languages, you can also learn a lot about culture. It is a good mix.

Tips on how to learn a language:  Everyone has their own way of learning – some people focus on grammar, some on interaction. For Lorenzo, it works to get exposed to the language, read magazines, use the words that you know to interact, and learn patterns that you can practice (like ordering in a restaurant). Living in the country makes it easier to learn.

Personal: Lorenzo likes photography and has his own website with photos. He also enjoys (rock) music, learning about other cultures, reading books, watching documentaries, and traveling alone.


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